Tips for Pumpkin Patching

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Pumpkin patch season has arrived and I am reveling in pumpkin flavored everything. A few days ago, I visited my favorite pumpkin patch for the season at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market. I especially like this farm because for the month of October, they transform their farm every Saturday and Sunday into a fall festival with performances, hay rides, food trucks and even a petting zoo. Here in south Florida, the weather remains warm but we Floridians still enjoy celebrating the season. From my journey, here are 5 tips to making your pumpkin patch experience even more memorable:

  1. Do your research.This way you will have a complete list of places based on your location, availability, activities of interest and budget. Most churches, schools and farms will have some form of pumpkin patch festivities. Some pumpkin patches may charge a cover fee while others will offer free entry with the purchase of pumpkins, but checking their Facebook page can be a little more useful on what to expect.
  2. Bring Cash.I oftentimes overlook this tip being that we live in an era where apple pay and cash app have taken over. But, for this event, good old cash is a better choice because the smaller patches and food trucks may not accept other forms of payment. I would hate for you to miss an activity or limit your experience because of misguided payment methods.
  3. Get there early.On the weekend pumpkin patches get extremely *crowded and it can be a hassle to find parking and navigate the field to find the ideal pumpkin(s), which can get frustrating if you have little ones. Arriving early proves most useful when you are bringing small children and want to get nice pictures without crowds. However, if you cannot get there early due to circumstance, do not be alarmed there is still plenty of time to snap tons of photos until you get it just right. Sundays I find will allow you more time to better plan your day because most pumpkin patches open later. I urge you to be aware of opening hours. If you are someone who enjoys finding the perfect pumpkins for carving or decorating; arriving early will allow you to get the best pickings.
  4. Dress accordingly.I would personally recommend layering. This allows flexibility to remove an item if it gets too hot or to add a scarf or extra jacket if it gets too cold. Jeans are a good option because they hide dirt well if you happen to kneel and get dirty while choosing the perfect pumpkin. I urge wearing comfortable shoes that have already been broken in, and be sure to choose shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Most pumpkin patches are on farm so the presence of mud/dirt is highly likely and sandals are usually not a good fit.
  5. Don’t be afraid to have fun.Get lost in the corn maze and try all the pumpkin flavored items. Some food trucks even have pumpkin flavored teriyaki wings. How yummy! 

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