A Day in Paradise!

What’s not to love about the Bahamas! From the signature turquoise waters, welcoming people and warm ocean breeze everywhere, it’s hard to feel much stress here. There is something so inviting and magical about the Bahamas that keeps you coming back. In 24 hours or less in the Bahamas, there is so much to do, that when you are done it will have you feeling like it was a weekend retreat. After this 24-hour visit to this oasis (Bahamas), these are my top recommendations to get the most out of it:

1st stop:

Sky Juice King. This place is perfect if you want to enjoy some real domestic island Gin/Rum. This place has the best Sky juice Nassau has to offer. Located near the entrance of Arawak Village next to Junkanoo Beach, the locals and visitors agree that “Sky Juice King’s”, sky juice is the best. This juice is a mix of gin, coconut milk, cream, coconut water, nutmeg, coconut meat and a secret ingredient mixed together to create a heavenly coconut concoction. As the name suggests, this cocktail will have you feeling complete cloud nine vibes immediately. If you enjoy Pina Coladas, then this drink would also be perfect for you. The 1st time I tried it I was thinking how it was a really good blend of coconut and paradise. I wondered if I could copy and paste this same recipe to create back in the states. Needless to say, I’ve tried to recreate this drink many times and although I have gotten close, nothing creates the bursting taste bud effects that I while at Sky Juice King. If you are on a cruise ship, once you leave the dock, it is best to catch a local taxi or a local public bus for only $2 to this amazing stop. Feel free to give me feedback on this drink or any other you may find more intriguing.

2nd Stop:

Frankie Gone Bananas or Twin Brothers. Have you ever tried conch? Bahamas for me is the best place to try this seafood for the 1st time. Everyday fishmen bring in fresh conch to be sourced to Frankie Gone Bananas and Twin brother. At Frankie’s their chefs prepare fresh conch salad at the conch bar so that guests can not only enjoy a mix of cilantro, lime/lemon, onions and sweet peppers conch salad but they also get to watch the chef as they make this famous and well-known conch salad. I have always thought there is something captivating about being able to observe your food being prepared, especially when it’s done so skillfully. At Frankie’s you can sense the pride the chefs take in representing all Bahamian cuisine. While Frankie Gone Bananas is known for their conch salad, Twin Brothers is known for making the best cracked-conch and conch fritters. Now it’s fair to say, that with all of my traveling I have had a lot of cracked conch, but what I love most about Twin Brothers is how flavorful and tender their cracked conch is. Every bite feels like an explosion in your mouth. This is not a spicy dish so feel free to dig in. This stop is one for the books. Frankie Gone Bananas and Twin Brothers are located at Arawak Cay on West Bay Street, which is about 15 minutes from downtown Nassau (from the cruise port) and 25 minutes from Atlantis Paradise Island.

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3rd Stop:

Marina Village on Paradise Island. Last but most definitely not least, this stop is perfect for shopping, dining and or just plain relaxing. Marina village is a mixture of pastel and white cottages with a stunning view of the well-known Bahamas Resort Atlantis. This area doubles as a marina so on many nights there are beautiful mega yachts resting in the marina docks. On Saturday nights at approximately 9 pm, a Junkanoo band dressed in full Junkanoo outfits does a lively parade through the village. If you’ve ever been to Carnival and enjoyed it, then this is something you definitely could get into. This band will have you clapping and stomping your feet to their beat all night long, but be careful not to lose track of time. Before I knew it, I had followed them through the entire village. They are extremely friendly and welcome all pictures. What really captivated my heart was the fact that they spent the night encouraging visitors to dance along to the different tunes.


Saunders Beach. The Bahamas boasts white sandy beaches with clear waters, and Saunders Beach is no exception! To get away from the crowds and enjoy your last few hours, I recommend grabbing a good book and taking in the sound of the waves and the amazing views from Saunders Beach. I found myself relaxing to the sound of faraway laughter, waves crashing against the sand, and distant music from the local entertainment. I could have laid there forever. Fun tip: Nassau has two lighthouses and you can view one of them right from Saunders Beach.

I truly hope that if you do take a trip to the Bahamas whether long or short that you will check out at least one of these places mentioned in this one day itinerary. I know there are plenty of other gems on this beautiful island so please feel free share below the ones that I may have not yet had the chance to explore. I am always looking for my next Journey. Until Next Time Travel Friends………..

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Journeys With Candi


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